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Here you will find our main areas of activity with examples
We would be happy to give you further information on what we can do for you in each specific case.

  Everything about Internet solutions
Websites, shops, portal solutions, creation and maintenance of content
Tasks in graphic and design
Graphic assignments, design for web and print, print production, design and marketing
Tools for internal processes
Production tools, databases, communication solutions, ERP- and CRM-systems, tools for optimising workflows and the standardisation and automation of processes, creation of interfaces
Sales solutions
Full service in production sales, sales in outsourcing, specific sales solutions for the ideal communication with the customer
Software development
From the idea to the implementation and finally to the finished product
Support and administration of web server and networks, and emergency service and maintenance
Automation for Pre-Media
Database-supported publishing, quality assurance, format conversion
Consultation and Support
External project management, development of marketing strategies and technical concepts independent of the placement of the execution order
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